Corporate Social Responsibility


The purpose of this charter is to broadcast and inform of good practices of Rose Apple Group in the cause of sustainable development and particularly the environment. We wish to transmit values that we consider essential while defending our commitment.
This document certifies our pledge and invites all our partners to engage with us.


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92 Sala Kamreuk Rd, Krong Siem Reap
   1. Single use plastic 

1.1   To avoid as much as possible single use plastic bottles, we have decided to install big natural water jug in our villas, to refresh yourself throughout the day

1.2  For all the care products available in our villas ( shampoo, soap, conditioner,  mosquito repellent…), the Kambio nature company allows us to substitute single use plastic containers
with refillable aluminum containers. We regularly re fill them to ensure that you don’t miss anything 

1.3    Cleanbodia is one of our oldest partners. In fact, we have been working with them for over six years to offer plant-based garbage bags in beautiful rattan baskets. We try to limit plastic bags at all levels.
When our teams make purchases for our clients, some large bags are used rather than several small ones. We have also decided to ban plastic bags for all the garbage nursery.

   2. Recycling 

2.1    We are proud to work with the GAEA company ! Since two years, they recycle a big part of our waste with a weekly garbage collection.
We make efforts to sort plastic bottles and cans, we seperate glass bottles and carton boxes. Any matter that cannot be recovered by GAEA, suppliers come and take care of it. 

2.2   Let’s not forget our compost bin. It allows us to transform some of our waste that can not be recycled into fertilizer. Afterward, we re-use it for our beautiful gardens.
Because our trees are regularly pruned, we use their branches to cover the ground to naturally prevent new growth. By doing this, we can also keep our soils full of water longer. 

2.3   Finally, we have a green rooftop on one of our villas. You can enjoy the view while it reduces the heat of the house thanks to the recovery of rainwater which cools the various rooms.
Then, the recovered water is used to water the plants. You will soon be able to enjoy the delicious fruits directly from our green rooftop.

   3. Quality of products

3.1    We are also concerned with the quality of the products that you’ll use, so we take the time to select them. They are all organic, vegan, paraben free and animal cruelty free. All you need to do now is take care of yourself.
3.2    While you’ll be tanning in one of our pools, don’t forget that they are naturally treated with salt to avoid any chemical products.
3.3    Because Cambodia has a lot to offer, the water you drink in our water jugs comes directly from our valuable Kulen Waterfall.

   4.  Women empowerment
At Rose Apple Group, we are deeply concerned with supporting women leadership in the work environment as well as in entrepreneurship.
We want to highlight their value, their decisions, their participation and their commitment. 
   5. Local companies
We insist on purchasing at and working with local companies to support their production, trying to buy at the source – without intermediaries – And allowing them to benefit from the sales. While at the same time we minimize our carbon footprint.  


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